2013 Storylines

As usual, there are more than their fair share of storylines accompanying the Cowboys going into this season, but there are a few that I’m more excited to see develop than others.

Move to being a Twelve personnel team. The Cowboys, Jason Garrett specifically, have made it clear that they want their base offense to be a twelve personnel package, and are committing to that. I’m excited at the possibility, but still have questions. Do they have the discipline to make this work? Will it work with the players that they have in 2013?

Romo’s change. Will Romo avoid some of his dumb mistakes and be more second-half-of-2011 Romo or Sunday Night Football-week 17-Tony Romo? Note: Maybe I’m more scared than excited to watch this play out.

Romo’s Replacement. Not as an indictment of a possible Romo failure this year, or any other year, it’s time to get his actual successor. It’s because of his career that makes this so vital. Think about the quarterbacks before him, and tell me you want to go through that again. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a first round pick in the 2014 draft, but it needs to be a high pick, and not a project.

Read option and Pistol. How will Dallas handle the “next big things” in the NFL? Can they help ensure RG3 has a sophomore slump? Will the Philadelphia games be USC/Oregon rematches? With half the division running read option and pistol heavy plays and formations, this storyline being a success is vital to a positive season for the Cowboys.

More will appear and develop as the season progresses, but these are the ones that, today, I’m most anticipating the answers to.